Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Thing 23

The end...finally!

This learning journey was a great introduction to the world of Library 2.0 I've love the sites that cover photosharing and image manipulating. I've enjoyed just about every exercise, however, I felt rushed to finish. In fact, I feel like I'm a student cramming to finish that final paper. I will have to disagree with the person that said that one with computer experience could complete this journey in 4-5 hours. I felt like it took me forever to get through this. Many of us don't have the time from our work schedule and home schedule to dedicate time with the exercises. What can I say? I like to take my time discovering each of the resources provided. That was insane on my part, but I wanted to appreciate every aspect of these tools. Despite the fact that there was so much to cover in the beginning, I enjoyed the learning experience.

I will continue to use these tools and get into more advanced features.

This learning experience has inspired me to create my own personal log to share with family and friends. Thank you to the Virtual Team for supporting us through this adventure.

Thing 22

SJPL eBooks and Audio eBooks

Either you love it or hate it. I love the fact that ebooks can be available to our library users 24/7. I just hate reading text online. I get users who are turned off by this resource and those who are grateful it exists. I believe that one of the biggest hits to ebooks has been the Audio ebooks. I have had the opportunity to talk to people who love this resource. In fact, just last week I got a phone call from a gentleman who was having a slow connection downloading his audio ebook. He told me that he downloads them for his wife on her ipod. Isn't that something? He told me he's 70 years old! I'm just impressed with the people who love the technology.
In fact, I've become inspired to get myself an mp3 player, ipod, whatever, just to keep up with many of the folks that are using this.

Thing 21


Podcasts have become a great resource to utilize to get to rich information. How many us cannot make it to Infopeople classes. Never fear, there's a webcast page for some of the classes. How many of us cannot make it to conferences? Podcasts are an excellent tool to get the information out there.

As long as I don't have to download an application, I'm happy.

One of the best video podcasts I've enjoyed was an interview with Khaled Hosseini who discusses his bestseller The Kite Runner.

Thing 20


YouTube has become such a phenomenon in internet world. It is amazing how strong YouTube has been throughout the world. This only goes to show how much people want to share themselves and their talents.

Here's one of my favorites, since I love to dance! It's called the Evolution of Dance.

Tools like YouTube have become an excellent resource for librarians. Just recently, there was an article about this couple creating YouTube videos as an educational resource (Cullen's ABCs) for children, parents, and teachers. This would serve as a great tool for anyone new to Children's Librarianship. Ms. Cullen offers storytimes and songs. Here's an example:

Thing 19

Library Thing

What a great concept to share information about books! I've added my books to the list! The library I created consisted of books marked by several users (The Kite Runner) and by none (Estrella's Quinceanera). The book suggester was interesting to explore, some offered relevant information while some didn't. For example, when typing in The Tortilla Curtain, I was suggested books on cooking with tortillas. ha ha

I like the ability to look at someone else's catalog of books. This is one tool I will definitely use. What I don't understand is why the six books I've catalogued in Library Thing didn't show up on my blog. Just four. Hmmm. Gotta look into this further.

Thing 18

Zoho Writer

Here's my Zoho created document - (it worked! It was so easy to create this document in Zoho and send it off to Blogger)

I currently use Google Docs, and I must say that I prefer Zoho Writer instead. Zoho provides a more user friendly interface than Google Docs. Zoho was much easier to register as well. I've recommended library users to Google Docs, but I'm going to change my recommendation to Zoho. Zoho offers unlimited storage space! That's great!

This online tool is a wonderful device to use without USB drives, floppys, etc... Time and time again, library users show up with corrupt floppys or just don't know how to email a document to themselves. Why send someone to buy a floppy when they could use this wonderful tool? Not to mention they could use this site using the research computers thus avoiding the tied up 2hr reserveration computers.

Thing 17

Sandbox wiki

This was a fun exercise where everyone can add their two cents to the pot. I like the fact that it's designed to be used among this group as opposed to allowing strangers to add their input. Love the Favorite Restaurants page since it pertains to San Jose.

Creating a list of Lists would be ideal for the library, e.g. Books recommended by patrons for leisure reading, Books to read for Books Clubs, Web sites for answering Reference Questions, etc...

My favorite restaurant, definitely CHA CHA CHA in San Francisco in the Haight & Ashbury district. You've got to order the Sangrias! Olé!